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By R. G. M. Nisbet

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This observation takes serious account of contemporary writing at the Odes. It bargains with targeted questions of interpretation, and exhibits how Horace mixed the tact of a court-poet with a humane individualism, and the way he wrote inside of a literary culture with out wasting a hugely own voice. even though the e-book isn't meant for newbies, the editors objective all through at clarity.

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2. 6). The tumult of the sea (cf. 3. 29. 63) is mirrored by the agitation of the merchant’s mind (cf. 2. 16 10, Stat. silv. 2. 2. 28); Shorey quotes The Merchant of Venice 1. i. ’ 27–8. nec saevus Arcturi cadentis / impetus: Arcturus, the brightest star in Bootes, was often associated with bad weather; cf. Perses, anth. Pal. 7. 539. 1 f. ˇP ðæïØäþí, ¨åüôØìå, ŒÆŒcí äýóØí •åôßïØï = ÚæŒôïýæïı 1 . O D I P RO FA N V M V V L G V S 15 (with Gow–Page, HE 2895), Plaut. rud. 70 f. ‘nam Arcturus signum sum omnium acerrumum: / vehemens sum exoriens, cum occido vehementior’.

1. 38. 1 ‘Persicos odi, puer, apparatus’, epist. 1. 7. 20 ‘spernit et odit’, ars 188, Fraenkel 263). profanum may mean not ‘in front of the temple’ (Varro, lL 6. 54) but ‘away from the temple’ (Charis. gramm. p. 305. 20 Barwick ‘porro a fano positus’, Cairns, op. cit. 94); it is used in religious contexts of the uninitiated (Catull. 64. 260, Theoc. 26. 13 f. ZæªØÆ BÜŒ÷ø = . . ôÜ ôš ïP÷ ›æÝïíôØ âÝâƺïØ) or those not participating in a rite. For the sacral arceo cf. Pacuv. TRF 304 f. ‘quamquam aetas senet, satis habeam virium ut te ara arceam’, Ogilvie on Liv.

51 ff. The contrast between the gentleness of sleep and the robustness of the countrymen is brought out by the interlacing word-order. 14 H O R AC E : O D ES I I I 22–3. non humilis domos / fastidit umbrosamque ripam: non negatives fastidit, not humilis, as Porph. points out. For the cottages of the just cf. Aesch. Ag. , Sen. Thy. 446 ff. with Tarrant. fastidit suggests the great man’s disdain, which is not shared by sleep. humilis describes literal lowness as well as modesty; cf. Virg. ecl. 2.

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