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By Michael Spivak

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If B : V x V -4 E and B ' : V x V - • K are bilinear forms, then we say that B and B' are equivalent if there is a vector space isomorphism f :V ->V such that, for all v, w € V, we have B'{f(v),f(w)) — B(v,w). Let d :— dim(V). There is a nondegenerate antisymmetric bilinear form on V iff d is even. If d is even, then any two nondegenerate antisymmetric bilinear forms on V are equivalent. A symmetric bilinear form B : V x V —> E is positive definite if, for all v G ^ \ { 0 } , we have B(v,v) > 0.

So, as Vyo 2 V2/o> we conclude that Vy0 D Vy~o~. Then (Vy0)° 2 (Vy^)° ^ 0. Choose x £ (Vy0)°. /o. Then 2/o = v~xx e w-MCVyo)"] = (v-Wyo)0 For all g £G,we 2/o € (p(W))°. have p(g) = S(P(1G)) C ( V ^ F i / o ) 0 C (W"i/ 0 )°. = ffj/o- Then p(W) = W'j/o- Thus • A subgroup B of an lcsc topological group G is said to be cocompact in G if there is a compact subset K of G such that G = BK. Equivalently, there is a compact subset K of G such that G — KB. If if is a closed subgroup of an lcsc topological group G, then B is cocompact in G iff G/H is compact in the quotient topology.

The next lemma asserts that the convergence-divergence dichotomy is a local condition. 2 Let X and Y be manifolds and let fi : X ^ Y be a sequence of smooth maps. Assume that X is connected. Assume, for all m € M, that there is an open neighborhood U of m in M such that the sequence fi\U : U —> Y satsifies the convergence-divergence dichotomy. Then f satisfies the convergence-divergence dichotomy. 44 Basic Differential Topology Proof. Fix x0 £ X and assume that fi(xo) is convergent in Y. We wish to show that fi : X —> Y converges in C°° on compact sets.

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