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By Margaret Grieve

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The Medicinal, Culinary, beauty and fiscal houses, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & bushes with Their glossy clinical Uses)

"There isn't one web page of this captivating booklet which doesn't comprise whatever to curiosity the typical reader in addition to the intense pupil. appeared easily as a heritage of plant life, it provides to the fun of the country." — B. E. Todd, Spectator.
If you need to know the way pleurisy root, lungwort, and abscess root acquired their names, how poison ivy used to regard rheumatism, or how garlic guarded opposed to the Bubonic Plague, seek advice A glossy Herbal. This 20th-century model of the medieval Herbal is as wealthy in clinical truth and folklore as its predecessors and is both encyclopedic in assurance. From aconite to zedoary, now not an herb, grass, fungus, shrub or tree is ignored; and weird and beautiful discoveries approximately even the most typical of vegetation watch for the reader.
Traditionally, an natural mixed the folks ideals and stories approximately vegetation, the medicinal houses (and elements used) of the herbs, and their botanical category. yet Mrs. Grieve has prolonged and enlarged the culture; her insurance of asafetida, bearberry, broom, chamomile, chickweed, dandelion, dock, elecampane, almond, eyebright, fenugreek, moss, fern, figwort, gentian, Hart's tongue, indigo, acacia, jaborandi, kava kava, lavender, pimpernel, rhubarb, squill, sage, thyme, sarsaparilla, unicorn root, valerian, woundwort, yew, and so forth. — greater than 800 kinds in all — comprises moreover tools of cultivation; the chemical elements, dosages, and arrangements of extracts and tinctures, unknown to past herbalists; attainable financial and beauty houses, and designated illustrations, from root to bud, of 161 plants.
Of the numerous extraordinary vegetation coated in Herbal, maybe the main attention-grabbing are the toxic kinds — hemlock, poison oak, aconite, and so on. — whose poisons, occasionally, serve scientific reasons and whose antidotes (if identified) are given intimately. And of the numerous certain positive aspects, maybe the main fascinating are the masses of recipes and directions for making ointments, creams, sauces, wines, and fruit brandies like bilberry and carrot jam, elderberry and mint vinegar, sagina sauce, and cucumber lotion for sunburn; and the masses of prescriptions for tonics and liniments for bronchitis, arthritis, dropsy, jaundice, worried pressure, epidermis disorder, and different illnesses. ninety six plates, 161 illustrations.

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O. Polemoniaceæ Synonyms. American Greek Valerian. Blue Bells. False Jacob’s Ladder. Sweatroot Part Used. Root Habitat. United States Description. This plant grows from New York to Wisconsin, in woods, damp grounds, and along shady river-banks. It has creeping roots, by which it multiplies very quickly. The stems are 9 to 10 inches high, much branched, bearing pinnate leaves with six or seven pairs of leaflets. The nodding, blue flowers are in loose, terminal bunches. The slender rootstock, when dried and used as the drug, is 1 to 2 inches long and inch in diameter, with the bases of numerous stems on the upper surface, and tufts of pale, slender, smooth, wiry, brittle roots on the underside.

All grow well in shade and under trees. Gerard grew four species in his garden: A. lyocotonum, A. variegatum, A. Napellus and A. Pyrenaicum. Part Used. – Collection and Drying. The leaves, stem, flowering tops and root: the leaves and tops fresh, the root dried. The leaves and flowering tops are of less importance; they are employed for preparing Extract of Aconitum, and for this purpose are cut when the flowers are just breaking into blossom and the leaves are in their best condition, which is in June.

Grieve made practical use of her knowledge and trained pupils in the work of drying and preparing herbs for the chemists’ market. She did a great deal to revive the herb industry in England. The arrangement and the editing of the vast quantity of material which Mrs. Grieve had accumulated has been a task of some difficulty. I have arranged the plants alphabetically under their most familiar names, hoping to interest flower-lovers as well as doctors, and in this way they are as easily found as the words in a dictionary.

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