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By Stanisław Lem

ISBN-10: 0151716978

ISBN-13: 9780151716975

This can be a first-class, very humorous e-book. an individual accustomed to Lem's brief tales and works like "Imaginary Engines" will understand what to anticipate. unfortunately, the less than blurb utilized by the writer is nearly meaningless.

This is the Kandel translation. I doubt if he up-to-date the interpretation for the reissue of the ebook by means of Northwestern college Press. They most likely simply got the rights so that they might rock that significant and jap ecu literature.

This is a set of ideal but imaginary stories of nonexistent books. With insidious wit, the writer beguiles us with a parade of pleasant, disarmingly standard innovations. "Lem is Harpo Marx and Franz Kafka and Isaac Asimov rolled up into one and down the white rabbit's hole" (Detroit News). A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

(there is a request for this Lem name, however it is an visible test, now not "retail"...however, if the individual that positioned the bounty on it unearths it applicable, enable me know!)

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Gig” is of course now seen to be “ Gog” (Gog and Magog). From Shema derives the name “ Simeon” (Hebrew Shimeon), and immediately we think of Simeon Stylites; but if the Saint sits atop the pillar, the halter hangs down from it; therefore Maesch, dangling beneath, will become a stylite a rebours. This is a further step in the antisymmetry. Enumer­ ating in this fashion, in his exegesis, 2,912 expressions from the Old Sumerian, Babylonian, Chaldean, Greek, Church Sla­ vonic, Hottentot, Bantu, South Kurile, Sephardic, the dialect of the Apaches (the Apaches, as everyone knows, commonly exclaim “ Igh” or “ Ugh” ), along with their Sanskrit roots and references to underworld argot, Hannahan stresses that this is no haphazard rummage, but a precise semantic wind rose, a multidimensional compass card and map of the work, its car­ tography—for the object is the plotting of all those ties and links which the novel will realize polyphonically.

God has not created evil; nor does Robinson, by analogy, work in any kind of void. Each being, as it were, a captive of his own myth. So Robinson is delivered up, defenseless, to Snibbins. ). The dismissed servant is nowhere, and therefore everywhere. Poor Robinson, who wanted so to avoid shoddiness, who in­ tended to surround himself with chosen ones, has befouled his nest, for he has ensnibbined the entire island. 19 Les Robinsonades Our hero suffers the torments of the damned. Particularly good are the descriptions of the quarrels at night with Wendy Mae, those dialogues, conversations rhythmically punctuated by her sullen, female, seductively swollen silences, in which Robinson throws all moderation, restraint, to the winds.

Zeller­ mann, practically in his sixties, is a well-known literary historian and a doctor of anthropology. He spent the regnum Hitlerianum in Germany, in the country with his wife’s parents, hav­ ing at the time been relieved of his university position; there­ fore, he was a passive observer of the life of the Third Reich. We venture to call this novel an excellent work, and add that probably only such a German, with such a fund of practical experience—and with such theoretical knowledge of literature!

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