New PDF release: A Practical Guide to Racism

By C. H. Dalton

ISBN-10: 1592403484

ISBN-13: 9781592403486

A hilarious examine the races of the world—capturing the proud background and vibrant way forward for racism in a single convenient, authoritative, and deeply offensive volume

Meet “C. H. Dalton,” a professor of racialist reviews and a number one authority on inferior humans of all ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual personal tastes. within the grand culture of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Birth of a Nation, he's on a undertaking to explain the reality approximately self-supremacy, drawing on eminent scholarship to enlighten a brand new new release of hate-mongers. featuring facts that everybody will be hated (even white people), A sensible consultant to Racism comprises gleaming bits of knowledge on such matters as:
• the nice lifestyles loved via blacks, who shuffle via lifestyles unhindered via the white man’s burdens, resembling opposite racism and white slavery, to turn into complete athletes, rhymesmiths, and dominoes champions.
• the unhappy tale of the industrious, clever Jews, whose complete attractiveness is sullied through their unlucky flavor for the blood of Christian babies.
• an in depth examine the unusual, sweet-smelling race often called “women,” who're now not solid at anything— particularly ruling the unfastened world.
• a vital handbook to Arabs, a humans so delicate they're susceptible to blow up at any time.
• A country-by-country breakdown of the “Yellow Peril,” with guidelines for telling aside a race of people that all glance an identical.

additionally incorporated is a entire word list of undying epithets, with thousands of pejorative phrases for everybody from Phoenicians to Jews. A functional advisor to Racism is certain to spark sincere, instructive discourse.

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It used to be that drug addicts were treated in hospitals, or with counseling, but conservatives have hit on a much more successful treatment: extensive prison sentences. If it weren’t for mandatory minimums, these criminals would be back on the street in no time, taking drugs and setting a bad example for young people, and the numbers don’t lie. There are more people in prison for possession now than ever before, so therefore we must be winning. The War on Drugs also extends into the Hispanic world itself, where the majority of America’s cocaine, heroin, and marijuana originates.

In fact, she is only two of them, because she is a soprano, and sopranos tend to be very succinct. Even so, stereotypes can be very useful in our everyday social interactions and decision-making. They are actually a kind of survival instinct—a crude form of received inductive reasoning that can help us make snap judgments in situations where we don’t have all the facts. When entering into a business deal with someone of Roma descent, for instance, I am very careful of my possessions. Knowing the stereotype that gypsies are tramps and thieves,3.

The stereotypical Jewish mother is overprotective, passive-aggressive, and a little hippy. She rules her home with an iron fist and utterly, utterly emasculates her husband and all male children. It was not always so, though. Every Jewish mother was once a Jewish American Princess (JAP). The JAP is a spoiled, nasal, and kind-of-slutty young Jewish girl, who can pass for either Italian or Puerto Rican with the right accessories. Once beloved as actual princesses, JAPs have been universally reviled ever since December 7, 1941, when they bombed Pearl Harbor.

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