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By Lawrence M. Krauss

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“WHERE DID THE UNIVERSE COME FROM? WHAT used to be THERE prior to IT? what's going to the longer term deliver? and at last, WHY IS THERE whatever instead of NOTHING?” Lawrence Krauss’s provocative solutions to those and different undying questions in a wildly well known lecture now on YouTube have attracted virtually 1000000 audience. The final of those questions specifically has been on the middle of spiritual and philosophical debates in regards to the life of God, and it’s the intended counterargument to somebody who questions the necessity for God. As Krauss argues, scientists have, even though, traditionally considering different, extra urgent issues—such as knowing how the universe truly capabilities, that could finally support us to enhance the standard of our lives. Now, in a cosmological tale that rivets because it enlightens, pioneering theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the groundbreaking new medical advances that flip the main easy philosophical questions about their heads. one of many few sought after scientists this day to have actively crossed the chasm among technology and pop culture, Krauss finds that glossy technology is addressing the query of why there's something instead of not anything, with outstanding and interesting effects. The staggeringly attractive experimental observations and mind-bending new theories are all defined accessibly in A Universe from not anything, and so they recommend that not just can anything come up from not anything, anything will consistently come up from not anything. along with his attribute wry humor and beautifully transparent motives, Krauss takes us again to the start of the start, providing the latest facts for the way our universe evolved—and the results for a way it’s going to finish. it's going to impress, problem, and pleasure readers because it appears on the most simple underpinnings of life in a complete new approach. And this data that our universe should be particularly diversified sooner or later from at the present time has profound implications and at once impacts how we are living within the current. As Richard Dawkins has defined it: this might probably be an important medical booklet with implications for supernaturalism when you consider that Darwin. a desirable antidote to superseded philosophical and spiritual considering, A Universe from not anything is a provocative, game-changing access into the controversy concerning the life of God and every little thing that exists. “Forget Jesus,” Krauss has argued, “the stars died so that you might be born.”

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Within months of Einstein ' s publication, the brilliant Caltech astronomer Fritz Zwicky submitted a paper to the Physical Review in which he demonstrated the practicality of precisely this possibility (and also indirectly put down Einstein for his ignorance regarding the possible effect of lensing by galaxies rather than stars) . Zwicky was an irascible character and way ahead of his time. As early as 1 933 he had analyzed the relative motion of galaxies in the Coma cluster and determined, using Newton ' s laws of motion, that the galaxies were moving so fast that they should have flown apart, destroying the cluster, unless there was far more mass in the cluster, by a factor more than 100, than could be accounted for by the stars alone.

The experiments are being performed in mines and tunnels deep underground. Why underground? Because on the surface of the Earth we are regularly bombarded by all manner of cosmic rays, from the Sun and from objects much farther away. Since dark matter, by its very nature, doesn ' t interact electromagnetically to produce light, we assume that its interactions with normal material are extremely weak, so it will be extremely difficult to detect. Even if we are bombarded every day by millions of dark matter particles, most will go through us and the Earth, without even "knowing" we are here-and without our noticing.

5 billion years. As I shall describe later, this too is in complete agreement with independent estimates of the age of the oldest stars in our galaxy. From Brahe to Kepler, from Lemaitre to Einstein and Hubble, and from the spectra of stars to the abundance of light elements, four hundred years of modern science have produced a remarkable and consistent picture of the expanding universe. Everything holds together. The Big Bang picture is in good shape. CHAPTER 2 A COSMIC MYSTERY STORY: WEIGHING THE UNIVERSE There are known knowns.

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