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By Sheldon Axler

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University Algebra and Trigonometry will attract those that are looking to provide vital issues extra in-depth, higher-level assurance. this article bargains streamlined strategy followed with obtainable definitions throughout all chapters to permit for an easy-to-understand learn. collage Algebra includes prose that's specified, actual, and straightforward to learn, with user-friendly definitions of even the themes which are quite often so much tough for readers.

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Thus expressions enclosed in smaller parentheses should usually be evaluated before expressions enclosed in larger parentheses. example 1 10 chapter 1 The Real Numbers Now to evaluate the expression 6 + 3 · 5, first evaluate 3 · 5, getting 15, then add that to 6, getting 21. Multiplying by 2 completes our evaluation of this expression: 2 6 + 3 (1 + 4) = 42. 5 21 The Distributive Property The distributive property connects addition and multiplication, converting a product with a sum into a sum of two products.

Example 3 Expand (a + b)(c + d). solution Think of (c + d) as a single number and then apply the distributive property to the expression above, getting (a + b)(c + d) = a(c + d) + b(c + d). Now apply the distributive property twice more, getting (a + b)(c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd. If you are comfortable with the distributive property, there is no need to memorize the last formula from the example above, because you can always derive it again. Furthermore, by understanding how the identity above was obtained, you should have no trouble finding formulas for more complicated expressions such as (a + b)(c + d + t).

X +1| + |x −2| = 2 15. |x + 3| = x + 3 11. |x −3| + |x −4| = 1 16. |x − 5| = 5 − x (b) Write the set of numbers satisfying the inequality in part (a) as a union of two intervals. 12. |x +1| + |x −2| = 3 1 2 31. 1 inch. (a) Write an inequality using absolute values and the length s of a shoelace that gives the condition that the shoelace does not meet the guarantee. 10. |x +1| + |x −2| = 7 =2 30. At normal atmospheric pressure, water boils at all temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius and higher. Write an interval to represent the temperatures (in degrees Celsius) at which water boils.

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