American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories of by Willie Geist PDF

By Willie Geist

ISBN-10: 1401310524

ISBN-13: 9781401310523

“Willie Geist is one half Twain, one half Carrot best, components Heckle, and one half Jeckle.”
—John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, authors of Game Change

“I’ve learn laminated plane protection playing cards with better highbrow heft. Turning severe: Willie Geist is the ideal man to chronicle our decidedly imperfect times."
—Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor and coping with editor

In the hilarious big apple occasions bestseller American Freak Show, Geist takes the clever, biting commentary enjoyed by way of his tv viewers to new satirical extremes. The real-life characters who now hang-out our day-by-day lives are forged as stars in thoroughly made-up scenes which are frighteningly as regards to reality.

Geist offers us the 1st examine President Sarah Palin’s unconventional 2012 inaugural deal with, played live to tell the tale WWE’s Monday evening Raw. We move contained in the ballroom for a Dean Martin–style welcome roast of Bernie Madoff upon his arrival in Hell, with Pol Pot serving as roastmaster. George W. Bush’s batting-cage-and-waterslide-themed plans for a presidential library are laid out publicly for the 1st time. And new for the paperback variation, Geist places us within the room as Jesus joins fb, with the aid of a modern day messiah named Mark Zuckerberg.

From Obama to Oprah, Afghanistan to Lohan, Snooki to the Salahis, Willie Geist spares not anyone as our host of this wild American Freak Show. You’ll giggle out loud whereas weeping for the way forward for the United States.

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