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It was the outpost of civilization. It was the advance guard of the pioneer, driving the wilderness farther into the west. It was life preparing wistfully for the future. James Rooney, in Journey from Ignorant Ridge, 1976 Still sits the school-house by the road, A ragged beggar sunning; Around it still the sumachs grow, And blackberry-vines are running. John Greenleaf Whittier, "In School-Days," 1869 Page 20 Photographs have been moved to the back of the book. Page 21 Photographs have been moved to the back of the book.

Solomon D.  1870) in the North Carolina mountains.  Morley, North Carolina Division of Archives and History) education. Teachers' salaries reflected the relative wealth and stability of the families that supported local schools. Because rural one-room schools were often isolated, better teachers frequently sought jobs in town schools; there they received higher pay and were not under the thumb of rural school trustees, who often had limited schooling and a shortsighted view of education. Thus, many rural schools were forced to accept teachers of lesser credentials and limited ability.

DoubledayThe Little Red Schoolhouse, by Eric Sloane. Copyright 1972; James Rooneyquoted material from Journey from Ignorant Ridge; Raymond's PrintingEarly McCoy, by Clark C. and Margaret Ewing. Thanks are due Eugenia Marchello and typists Mary Ellison, Debbie Page 17 Fritzlan, Pat Havens and Clara Straight. I am also indebted to my loving wife, Stephanie Moran, for her patience, understanding and eagerness to travel throughout remote areas of the United States while I photographed and researched country schools.

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