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By Nat Shapiro (auth.), Nat Shapiro (eds.)

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Writing approximately music-about what it's and what it means-is reminiscent of describing the act of affection. by some means, the aid of the event to an unblushingly targeted exposition of the way, the place, while, and why who does what to whom, from prelude to resolu­ tion, loses every little thing within the translation. the opposite severe, the only in which the author, in desperation, inns to metaphor (with or with out advantage of meter and rhyme), typically ends up in im­ agery that's banal, vulgar, inane, imprecise, pretentious, and mainly insufferably romantic. to accomplish reliable and actual writing approximately tune is as infrequent an accomplishment as professional wine-tasting, lion-taming, diamond-cut­ ting, truffie-finding and (if one simply occurs to be an unconverted Mohican courageous) deer-tracking. in simple terms the intuitive, the natural, the sensual, and the intrepid want practice. expert musicians usually facts a hard and fast tendency both to rudely forget about otherwise to actively despise these folks who bravely attempt to comprehend, outline, and describe their artwork. To many composers and instrumentalists, these outsiders (nonmusicians) who've the temerity to debate whatever extra summary than the electronic dexterity of a fiddler, the actual self-importance of a conductor, or the salary scales for time beyond regulation recording classes are judged helpful in basic terms of contempt or-at the most-patronizing tolerance. "Music capability itself," insists one of many members to the gathering that follows, and plenty of practitioners of the paintings of organ­ ized sound would like to go away it at that.

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Stendhal Life of Rossini, 1824 28 Music Is . .. Music Does . . Music Means . • Music is not an acquired culture. . it is an active part of natural life. Isaac Stem (1920) Quoted in Celebrity Register, 1973 There is no such thing as Abstract music; there is good music and bad music. If it is good, it means something; and then it is Programme Music. In the pure state, music is free speculation. Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) The Poetics of Music, 1947 I hold that music is given to us to create order.

Richard Wagner (1813-83) Beethoven, 1870 Perhaps in Our joy in musical rhythm, there is expressed something of the primal joy of procreation . . Rhythm is both measurable and immeasurable. . akin to nature, and yet the sensitive 40 Creators and Components child of the muses . . The domain of rhythm extends from the spiritual to the carnal. . Bruno Walter (1876-1962) Of Music and Music-Making, 1957 .. anyone who assumes that there's an essential difference between consonance and dissonance is wrong, because the entire realm of possible sounds is contained within the notes that nature provides.

Ned Rorem Pure Contraption, 1974 The sound of music-as opposed to rustling leaves or words of love-is sensual only secondarily. First it must make sense. Ned Rorem Music from Inside Out, 1967 Music Is ... Music Does •.. Music Means. •• Ned Rorem The Final Diary, 1974 The hardest of all the arts to speak of is music, because music has no meaning to speak of. Ned Rorem Music from Inside Out, 1¢7 Music is too idealistic a thing to permit itself to be bound to concrete references. You cannot have a white horse in music.

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