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By Jürgen Klüver

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Writing approximately sociocultural evolution is often a classy company, as the topic isn't just tricky in a systematic method but in addition in a political one. particularly because the occasions of September eleven, 2001 the debates in regards to the alterations among cultures and their evolutionary advancements have left the fields of natural medical study as soon as and for all. even though, there have most likely by no means been medical discourses that didn't contact the geographical regions of political discussions - Darwin, Marx, the atomic physicists and the hot debates approximately genetic engineering are only a couple of examples. the purpose of this publication isn't really to participate in those debates however it is written as a contribution to the rules of evolutionary theories within the social sciences. The readers must pass judgement on if i've got succeeded with it. maybe essays like this one might help to explain the issues all of us need to face simply now in regard to intercultural discourses. Theoretically and mathematically grounded insights into cultural improvement because the resource of many political difficulties won't clear up to easy methods to take care of them them instantly yet could function signposts within the lengthy run.

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G. Dennett argues for his position does not alter the fact that the concept of memes IS psychologically questionable and sociologically rather useless (see below). 28 CHAPTER 1 evolutionary development of such rules. from the rules of hunter-gatherer societies to the institutions of the functionally differentiated societies of the modern kind, cannot of course be explained by reference to rather simple and questionable mechanisms of transmission of concepts or ideas. I mentioned above the fact that the importance of epigenesis for biological evolution seems to be underestimated by the modern synthesis; therefore it is not by chance that a defender of the modern synthesis like Dawkins propagates a concept of cultural genes, which neglects totally the role of social structures, the formal parallel to the organism.

9), "embody different evolutionary logic". It seems that Sanderson favours a form of causal theory borrowed from physics: given one certain cause or a special combination of causes, then equally special developments will occur. As these causes operate on whole societies or groups via the mediating factor of individuals, only the effects of the causes on the societies must be taken into account. g. Wallerstein 1974), which lacks any definition of the mechanisms how the processes that react to the effecting causes must be understood.

It is not my interest to renew this old debate; rather I would like to argue, like many authors in recent times, that these alternative positions are far from incompatible. Homo soci%gicus, to be sure, is certainly also a rational being who chooses between different options according to his needs; homo oeconomicus, on the other hand, is also a social being who lives in a social context by following the rules that define it. Therefore pure theories, in this case of homo oeconomicus, that deal only with one aspect of human nature, will surely miss important points about social reality.

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